Friday Finds: Shredding Chicken With a Mixer

by Shawnda on October 5, 2012

in Tips

Shredding Chicken With a Mixer

Most things on the internet seem to fall into two categories:

1) Whoa! How about a NSFW warning next time?!

Shredding chicken with a stand mixer. And after poking around on Pinterest, I see that someone has even used a regular hand mixer. 4 years ago. And if someone doesn’t tell me that this is new to them, you can mark me down as officially the last person to know.

Maybe there’s no benefit in getting the mixer bowl dirty when you’re looking at shredding 1-2 chicken breasts. But when the mixer bowl is already out because you made a quadruple batch of pizza dough for the freezer? You can throw the the breasts and tenders from 6 split breasts into the mixer and in ~25 seconds on low speed, you have perfectly shredded chicken. So you can spend a rainy afternoon rolling 5 million 4 million flautas for the freezer.

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