Garden Fridays: Citrus Pre-Season

by Shawnda on October 26, 2012

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Rio Star Grapefruit

Citrus season, it’s just around the corner! Here in Texas, you can already see the first influx of grapefruits from the Rio Grande Valley… and the fruit on our back patio have the first signs of blush.

This is the first year our young Rio Star has put out grapefruit. Margaritas are imminent.

The Key Lime tree is bursting at the seams. Key Lime Pie and margaritas are imminent.

And the dwarf Meyer Lemon tree is even more top heavy than the grapefruit. Margaritas. They are imminent.

Meyer Lemons and Key Limes

We’re on round two of fruit from the potted fig tree and the serrano plant…

I’ve ignored it. Neglected it. Ignored it some more. I’ve candied jars full of serranos, I’ve made jars of the world’s hottest and nearly inedible pepper jelly. And the peppers you see there will make batch #3 of crushed red pepper. And when that’s done, I’m pruning the pepper plant as far back as possible.

Figs and Serrano Peppers

The rest of the garden is pretty quiet. The heat pretty much destroyed my entire box of strawberry plants. The red bell pepper plant continues to churn out peppers, and fingers crossed, we’ll get another round of tomatoes from the San Marzano plant for pizza & marinara sauce before the weather turns cold.

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