Tangerine Margaritas

by Shawnda on December 3, 2012

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Tangerine Margarita

I’m totally loving reading all your responses to the giveaway questions – and watched Elf tonight because of it – but I can’t respond in-line because then I throw off the comment numbering system and then the random generator thingy might just stab me. And then there’s no one here to unload the diswasher. Tragedy.

But winter citrus season – it’s here!

Mostly in drinkable forms, I confess. But it’s still here.

The bins in the produce section that were overflowing with 18 varieties of apples now sport nearly an equal amount of citrus: limes, key limes, 3 varieties of grapefruit, lemons, Meyer lemons, tangerines, clementines… okay, so that’s not 18. But you get it.

Until recently, I’ve only ever eaten tangerines straight or used them in a stir fry. But with a personal goal of margaritaizing (it’s a word) every fruit possible, I set my sights on the 5-for-a-buck tangerines last week. It was hard to pass up, with the 5-for-a-buck baseball-sized limes.

What you get is a smooth margarita perfect for utilizing those tangerines this winter. And perfect for replacing those mimosas at brunch.

Tangerine Margaritas

Clementines are next. I’m holding out for the windfall of free clementines from my parents’ neighbors’ trees. If I had to guess, I’d say there were 300+ clementines on their two trees. Happy, happy hour indeed!

(PS: Need a quick an easy way to juice those limes and tangerines? You should check out the Breville Citrus Press Giveaway! I couldn’t live without it. Actually, I probably could – but I’d be a lot less fun.)

Tangerine Margaritas

A margarita made with fresh lime and tangerine juice is perfect for winter citrus season.



  1. Stir margarita mix, tangerine juice, and tequila together in an oversized glass or small pitcher.
  2. Run a lime or tangerine wedge around the outside of 2 glasses and dip in salt.
  3. Fill glasses with ice and pour margaritas over.


Yields: 2 servings

Source: Confections of a Foodie Bride

Estimated time: 10 minutes

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