Guilty Pleasures: The Hummus & Honey Boo Boo Edition

by Shawnda on March 1, 2013

in Guilty Pleasures

Spicy Texas Hummus

The Little & I eat a lot of hummus. A lot. Which means I usually make my own because it’s much more affordable. But when I do buy it, it’s always HEB or Central Market (when it’s on sale) brands. My current favorite flavor: Spicy Texas Hummus. It’s spicy and topped with a sweet roasted ancho-red pepper salsa. And it’s why baby carrots are disappearing around here at a record pace.

This is totally Laura’s fault. I grew up a little country. Okay, a lot country. I will not, without the aid of many margaritas, go into very many details about which parts of the show I might be able to relate to… but it might have involved a DIY slip & slide. I might have watched the entire season while The Little and I were sick. I might have been completely entertained. Or I might have just been unable to look away. We’ll never know for sure.

Ginger & White Citrus Candle

Seriously. It’s what happiness and sushine and summer vacation smell like. It’s also kind of what a grapefruit margarita smells like before adding the tequila. So heaven. I bought one and then decided that I needed to buy as many more as I can find to have my house smell like it forever… but Target hasn’t restocked them yet :(

Pali Pinot Noir

Wine. Preferably wine that we don’t make. Because our port has a 20% ABV and isn’t really a school night wine. This week’s Wine Wednesday (not to be confused with Wine Monday or Wine Thursday) was celebrated with a good Pinot Noir from Pali Wine Co. Cheers!

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