Hello, Summer!

by Shawnda on June 16, 2013

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We spent the last 8 days on the funnest, most awesome vacation we’ve ever taken. Eating Mickey Mouse-shaped Ice Cream Sandwiches like it was my job (and it kinda was), princess-ing all the things, princessing them some more, and riding roller coasters.

13 family members under one large roof. And there wasn’t a single argument, much less a stabbing. Successful. Epically so.

What I wasn’t doing? Certainly not thinking about my garden! But I didn’t have to – my friend Kelly garden-sat for us. She was paid in all the produce she could pick.

9+ lbs of Juliet and San Marzano tomatoes, alone, I hear.

The first thing I did this morning was fill one of those large, city-issued garbage cans full of prunings from the tomatillo and tomato plants, and then I spotted a beautiful golden globe peaking out from under the green canopy.

A cantaloupe.


My knife slid through the chilled fruit like it was butter. It was absolutely a perfect welcome home.

Well, perfect right after a sprinkling of salt. Fess up – who else salts their watermelon and cantaloupe?

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