Marathon Mondays: Weeks 4 & 5 & New Kicks & Sucky Weather

by Shawnda on August 5, 2013

in Running

Asics Women's Gel Nimbus 15

That foot pain I had a couple weeks ago? I didn’t experience it this week. And I bet you can already guess why.

New kicks!

They are completely fantastic. My feet feel like I’m running on sparkly fairy- and butterfly- and tequila-filled clouds.

The rest of my body? Just feels like I’m running tequila-filled.

I limped into my local running store and had them give me & my shoes a once-over. You never realize how bad your old shoes are until you lace up a new pair. As I was running around the store, I felt like I could bounce out of the shoes with every magical step.

And then I laced up my old shoes just to compare – thwack splat thwack! It was like I had laced up snow shoes over 2x4s.


My big run this week happened inside. Because 99F with a feels-like of 104F is just no fun. And it’s definitely no Chicago, where I was blessed to be able to run outside at 72 degrees. I don’t know what kind of immoral things I have to promise and to whom… but I really would like to get that kind of weather in Houston in July. (Just putting that out there, weather gods.)

But’ I’m also at that stage where I have hit the top part of my ability. And somehow, I’m going to have to add an extra mile onto the brutal 6 I ran this weekend. I don’t know how it’s going to happen because I was beyond running on empty when I finished.

Should I be drinking Gatorade while running? Using one of those gooey things? Praying harder?

Stay tuned for Week 6, when – fingers-crossed – Jason doesn’t have to come on here and write my eulogy.

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