Bacon, Cheddar, and Green Onion Scones

by Shawnda on February 26, 2008

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1 Cheryl May 29, 2007 at 7:42 am

All I’ve had is a crappy instant breakfast shake this morning and I have to look at this? This beautiful, delicious, savory scone just screaming at me through the computer screen. Mean little lady you are.


2 Melissa May 29, 2007 at 7:44 am

That looks SO good!!!


3 Patricia Scarpin May 29, 2007 at 8:09 am

I’ve never made savory scones and these would be terrific to try, Shawnda!


4 Kalyn May 29, 2007 at 8:15 am

I love the idea of savory scones, and these sound just delicious. I agree, green onions are good in so many things. I always have them in the fridge. (And where I’m from we never knew they were called scallions either!)


5 Bubblybunny May 29, 2007 at 8:57 am

Wow…the scones look really yummy!! I made scones eons ago and although it turned out really well, it was a lot of work so I never made it again. But this…Mmmm…I might have to try this recipe…or convince my hubby he really wants to make scones. Hahah…


6 Katerina May 29, 2007 at 11:15 am

Hahha, I second Cheryl, suddenly my apple juice breakfast feels a little bit, err, lacking. I bet you could do this in a food processor too another thing to add to my list, Darn it!


7 Julie May 29, 2007 at 11:16 am

Those scones look delicious and so generously stocked full of bacon ,onions and cheese it’s a meal by itself.


8 Katiez May 29, 2007 at 1:33 pm

Ooooh, I like these!
I make garlic scones a lot; it’s time for something different!


9 mrbunsrocks May 29, 2007 at 2:13 pm

I love that. I’ve never thought of scones as a truly savoury dish, but I am totally loving the idea.


10 Cynthia May 29, 2007 at 6:56 pm

Scones, a baked-good that requires such drama as you alluded but when done right, the results are amazing aren’t they? Your savoury scones look fabulous. I’ve bookmarked the recipe.

Your parents are blessed to have such a dedicated daughter.


11 JennDZ - The Leftover Queen May 29, 2007 at 7:53 pm

Those scones sound delicious. My mom loves scones. In fact she has an entire file folder devoted to them. I am sending her this recipe! it is like an entire breakfast in one bite!


12 Renea May 31, 2007 at 1:39 pm

Wow! Those look fabulous!!


13 cupcaketastic May 31, 2007 at 6:47 pm

Oh Yum.


14 Darla May 31, 2007 at 9:37 pm

I. Love. Scones.


15 LyB February 26, 2008 at 8:29 am

Those wouldn’t last a minute in my kitchen, they look incredible! Sunday breakfast? Oh, yes!


16 Deborah February 26, 2008 at 9:24 am

I don’t see savory scones very often. I made some awhile back and have been on the search for more ever since! These sound fantastic!


17 Erin February 26, 2008 at 10:20 am

I’d eat the whole batch of these. Therefore I must never ever under any circumstance be allowed to make them.


18 Michelle February 26, 2008 at 11:40 am

these look amazing. i want to bake them and cook up a big ol’ pot of chili. i’m glad you didn’t give up on scones!


19 Ruth February 26, 2008 at 12:09 pm

I love savory breakfast foods and this would be terrific to bake and share!


20 Kevin February 26, 2008 at 10:11 pm

Those scones look really tasty!


21 Allison July 11, 2010 at 9:23 am

These look so delicious! I just found your blog, and I LOVE it! Your photos are so beautiful, and your food looks amazing!


22 Paula February 27, 2011 at 4:40 am

green onion… love it! when I see green onion I think spring is not far away :) these scones looks divine with such little spots of green onions and I`d like to try some! in our house scones are usually made for breakfast and I can`t wait to prepare scones with green onions :) thanks for sharing and hugs from Poland!


23 Josie February 28, 2011 at 2:58 pm

I love love love these scones. I really should have made a new post like you did – the writing in my original post is terrible!!


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