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by Shawnda on June 7, 2007

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… but I’m excited just the same!

Black & White Salsa

My Black & White Salsa was one of three winning salsas in the Bakespace Salsa Cook-off!

According to Chuck Cardamon, cookbook author and cook-off judge:

“It combines a triad of culinary elements…color, flavor and texture. It’s also elegantly simple, so even entry level cooks should be comfortable trying to make it; and that’s what cooking is all about.”

Summer cook-outs require a good salsa so stop by and check out the other winning salsa recipes!

Can I Eat it With a Spoon Salsa
by Brooke

Crab Salsa
by Becky

Brooke, Becky, and I will receive a copy of Chuck Cardamon’s new cookbook, Salsavino – a book of unique salsa recipes and wine-pairing ideas. I’m really excited – we have several wines in various stages of fermenting and aging so it sounds like the perfect addition, just in time!

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