40 Chicken Recipes for Dinner Tonight

by Shawnda on September 30, 2011

in Chicken & Poultry

Or tomorrow. Or next Thursday.

40 Chicken Recipes

Sometimes there’s nothing that sucks the creativity out of me faster than hearing the word, “chicken.” I don’t know what it is. But if I could get back all the time I’ve wasted in my adult life, spent just staring blankly at a package of chicken breasts or thighs, I’d have fewer of those little lines around my eyes. And I’d quite possibly be thinner.

So as I was staring blankly at that pack of chicken breasts the other day, I clicked over to the recipe index (you know, the one that has been under construction for like 6 months?) and saw ~10 chicken recipes. And one of those was a turkey ! 10? That’s it? I’ve been blogging for nearly 5 years – where are the rest?!

One nice, long 3-hour nap later – toddlers really are the best! – I have a complete chicken recipe index. 40 poultry recipes (there are a couple of turkey somethings-or-another in there). Many are light & healthy. Some are not. And a few circa late 2006 desperately need to be rephotographed. :oops:

Possibly funny, possibly shameful – I stuck it on my Firefox bookmark bar. Now if anyone catches me staring vacantly at a package of chicken… perhaps I need a little more help than just inspiration :)

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