Fall Garden

by Shawnda on October 14, 2011

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Eggplant and Green Beans

What’s in your fall garden? We’ve got 4 raised beds, full of:
2 Tomatoes (a roma and something else)
Butternut squash (3)
Jalapeno (1)
Serrano (1)
Bell pepper (a red, green, yellow, and orange)
Green beans (8)
Eggplant (1)

Butternut Squash and Bell Peppers

My salad greens, broccoli, and cauliflower didn’t take from seed so I’m planning to pick up some small plants to get those started.

Butternut Squash, Pink Lemon, and Herbs

The drought cost us an avocado tree and a dwarf satsuma tree. And 6 or 7 attempts at cilantro, which grows beautifully when it’s not 763 degrees out. Squash vine borers will probably keep us from planting zucchini next year.

And the basil has gone wild after a weekend full of rain – I’m pulling nearly all of it up for a big batch of pesto for the freezer.

Jalapeno, Key Lime, and Figs

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