On Beans, Bleu Cheese, and Bacon

by Shawnda on September 12, 2008

in Bread

Savory Bleu Cheese and Bacon Cake

Margarita fixins? Check!
Gallon baggie of frozen cookie dough balls? Check!
Bacon and Bleu Cheese Cake? Check (okay, almost… it will be “Check” this morning)
Corkscrew? Check!
Wine? …Believe me when I say check!
Hummus? …Hummus? DARN IT. I have to go back to the grocery store.

Disaster preparation is fun. Getting several days’ notice of an impending storm sure is nice. You have plenty of time to pick up necessities from the store, fill your gas tanks, and make sure the patio furniture is in the garage. It also makes for some entertaining TV, though I’m not yet ready to forgive the local drama queens for preempting All My Children and One Life to Live more than 48 hours before Ike is expected to make landfall. How many times can you watch normal waves run up the beach and lap at a reporters ankles?

What’s also entertaining – grocery shopping. Only during the panic of preparing for the Gulf Coast’s version of The Big One can you stand in line at Kroger and witness a confrontation over the hoarding of baked beans. Yep. Canned baked beans.

However you choose to prepare for a worst-case scenario of two weeks without power is your business. If that should include a grocery cart full of more baked beans than I’ve ever seen in one place in my life, so be it. You won’t hear a peep out of me. Just please make sure to pick-up a manual can opener :)

Savory Bleu Cheese and Bacon Cake

We’ll be heading out for a hurricane party this afternoon and will probably shut down the server until after Ike passes just to be safe. We’ll see you all next week!

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