Croque Monsieur Sliders with Strawberry Jam

October 2, 2013
Baked Croque Monsieur Sliders

The internet has given us a great, great many gifts. Cats. And not the happy ones. Although I’m in the camp that believes that there is no such thing as a happy cat. (And if the lighting is right and you worked hard enough, you might have seen the scar on my hip to back [...]

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Baked Chili & White Cheddar-Hatch Cornbread with HEB Primo Picks

September 25, 2013
Baked Chili & White Cheddar-Hatch Chile Cornbread

We’re coming up on week 4 and salty, overseasoned Houston football “fans” have already thrown in the towel on the Texans’ season. Three times. And we’re 2-1. This city has had a long, jaded journey with professional football. And let’s face it, those fans probably had a few too many while tailgating. BUT THAT’S NO [...]

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What do you get when football and hatch chiles are back?

September 8, 2013
Hatch Chile and Chicken Nachos

Nachos. Gloriously, gooey nachos worthy of two of the best seasons-within-a-season that I can think of. Last week, we had the Broncos game and Hatch Chile & Chicken Nachos on the menu. A messy, as-easy-to-make-as-it-was-to-eat spread totally worthy of the return of football. Real football. Who’s your team? If you’ve been here seasons past, you [...]

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Spicy Strawberry & Goat Cheese Salsa

September 4, 2013
Spicy Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salsa

This salsa is what happens when you cut open what feels like a perfectly ripe avocado and find… well, not a perfectly ripe avocado. A perfectly ripe avocado isn’t grey inside. Dinner was supposed to be a fantastically delicious repeat of Salmon with Strawberry-Avocado Salsa. Studies have shown that you can’t have “fantastically delicious” with [...]

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Roasted Hatch Chile Hummus

August 25, 2013
Roasted Hatch Chile Hummus

My grocery store goes all out for hatch chile season, throwing their very own Hatch Chile Fest – complete with huge roasters parked outside the front entrance. And it’s kind of a PR gal’s (or guy’s!) dream come true. You’ve got a specialty item from a specific region with limited production. Limited availability = hype. [...]

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Chicken and Bean Nachos with H-E-B Primo Picks

July 30, 2013
Chicken and Bean Nachos with Pico de Gallo

So, there’s this weird thing about Texas. (Take your pick, right?) And it wasn’t something I realized until I was much older. But it has to do with nachos. (That probably wasn’t your first thing that came to your mind.) During most of high school, we lived on Dad’s Bean & Cheese Nachos – a [...]

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Goat Cheese-Stuffed Peppers with Honey and Bacon

May 26, 2013
Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers with Honey and Bacon

My little brother’s exasperation with/at goat cheese is the stuff that family jokes and big-sister-harassment are made of. “Goat cheese? Like from a real goat? Is that natural? Can a goat make cheese?” [makes dramatic "icky face," waves off delicious food with goat cheese] But I still love him. And even though my mom didn’t [...]

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Sliders with Beer-Glazed Onions and Brie

May 12, 2013
Sliders with Beer-Glazed Caramelized Onions and Brie

NOW is it warm enough to grill where you live? I have my fingers crossed for you, but surely The Endless Winter of 2012-13 has got to be over for everyone now. Hopefully. Because celebrating National Burger Month with snow on the ground? It just ain’t right. We love our fancy burgers around here and [...]

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