Mousse, Puddings, and Souffle

American Beauty Cake

August 26, 2012
The Pastry Queen's American Beauty Cake

Today is the very last Project Pastry Queen challenge. Over 2 years ago, Ashley and I met up in Austin to attend a cooking demo with The Pastry Queen, Rebecca Rather. I’d forgotten about several great recipes in the book and decided that I’d cook and bake all the way through the book. 100-ish recipes [...]

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PPQ: Individual Tiramisu with Homemade Ladyfingers

March 11, 2012
Individual Tiramisu

Tiramisus? I’m playing catchup with last week’s Project Pastry Queen challenge: Tiramisu with Homemade Ladyfingers, chosen by Sarah of 20 Something Cupcakes. Homemade ladyfingers are one of those things that deserve to be on everyone’s Baking Bucket List. They’re softer, more tender, and much more flavorful with a healthy dose of vanilla. They would really [...]

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PPQ: Grapefruit Creme Brulee

January 16, 2012
Grapefruit Creme Brulee

This week’s Project Pastry Queen challenge was selected by Sarah of 20 Something Cupcakes: Espresso Creme Brulee. With a broken oven and no one else in the house on-board with a coffee-flavored dessert, I was going to take a pass. But then my oven came in a week early. So we celebrated. With Grapefruit Creme [...]

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Dark Chocolate Mousse

February 9, 2011
Dark Chocolate Mousse

Soft, creamy, chocolate mousse. Smooth, almost pudding-like, chocolate mousse. Rich, super chocolatey mousse. If you’ve never tried it, it’s unbelievably easy to make at home. You crack some eggs. You melt some chocolate. You whip some cream. You have a fantastic dessert that’s perfect for date night, Valentine’s Day, or my favorite reason: just because.

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