Hatch Chile Tortillas

Homemade Hatch Chile Tortillas

I have successfully burned through nearly all of the hatch chiles I was going to “save.” [shrugs] Oh well, the canned version will do until next August. But before I give in to apples – and then pumpkin and then Christmas lights (because it is a slippery slope) – I have one last recipe using [...]

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How to Roast Hatch Green Chiles (And Every Other Pepper Out There)

If you’ve spent any time poking around the blog at any point over the last 8 (!) years in late summer, you know you can guarantee three things: 1) Somewhere, I’m bitching about the oppressive Texas heat and humidity. 2) I’m hoarding stocking up on hatch chiles. 3) I’m planning my next margarita, usually with [...]

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DIY: Fresh Cherry Sauce for Ice Cream and Yogurt

DIY: Fresh Cherry Sauce

The first time I made it, I called it “Cheater’s Cherries Jubilee.” For a few nights more in a row than I’ll admit on the internet, I pitted ~2 dozen cherries into a small bowl, dropped a piece of orange peel in, and popped it in the microwave for 90 seconds. I scooped the still-warm, [...]

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The Only Recipe for Sandwich Bread You Need

Classic American Sandwich Bread

It’s probably no surprise to anyone, but I handle the bulk of the grocery shopping around here. And by that, I mean that Jason knows where HEB, Costco, and Aldi are. And that they allegedly sell things other than cheese and wine and Blue Bell. ALLEGEDLY. So on the super rare occasion that he has [...]

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