DIY: Spicy Honey-Roasted Peanuts

September 16, 2012
Homemade Honey Roasted Peanuts

To me, the appeal of any recipe has always been that it was created with a good, solid base, allowing me to easily swap out a few ingredients and transform the dish into something completely new. Adaptability. Variability. Riffability. (I’ll concede that one of those might not be a real word.) One recipe I’ve been [...]

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DIY: Crushed Red Pepper

September 3, 2012
Homemade Crushed Red Pepper

One of the biggest pains in the garden this year, besides fire ants and weeds, has been the Serrano plant. It’s a hold over from last year’s garden and the only reason it got a reprieve was because I got it mixed up with the jalapeno plant. Serrano peppers are hot. Really hot. Too hot [...]

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DIY: Homemade Garlic Chile Sauce

July 11, 2012
Homemade Garlic Chile Sauce

Oh, sriracha. I adore that stuff. At some point in the last year or so, it supplanted Tobasco as my favorite hot sauce. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and with a nice dose of garlic, it’s far more flavorful than the little bottle with the red lid. And with only 5 ingredients, it’s so easy to [...]

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Photo Friday: DIY Milk Bottle Props

April 20, 2012
DIY Milk Bottle Photography Prop

Raise your hand if you, too, could easily go broke buying pretty things to use for food styling or as photography props for your blog? Don’t be shy. It’s an expense that can easily get out of control… and probably land me in divorce court pretty quickly. We mostly take the second-hand route, but when [...]

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Photo Friday: Refinishing A Resale Shop Find

April 6, 2012
Before & After: Refinished Cutting Board

If you’ve ever emailed/chatted to ask me where I got a specific prop, there’s a really good chance that I responded with either “Goodwill” or “garage sale.” Those are by far my top two sources for photography props and food styling accessories. They’re extremely budget-friendly and most of the pieces are well-worn and pretty unique [...]

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Photo Friday: DIY Serving/Cutting Board Props

March 30, 2012
DIY Wooden Serving Board

I had a chance to hang out at White on Rice Couple’s beautiful studio last month for a KitchenAid event. There’s a dreamy prop room. And an entire wall in their kitchen dedicated to hanging cutting boards; some old, some new, all beautiful pieces that add height, texture, and mood to a photo. And I [...]

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Crafty Fridays: How to Make Custom Water Bottle Labels

February 24, 2012
How to Make Custom Water Bottle Labels

Those are the water bottles for our daughter’s 2nd birthday party. Cute, huh? And we made them ourselves. Oh, how I do love Pinterest! We designed the labels in Inkscape, a free open source vector graphics program that’s similar to Illustrator, and printed them on 80lb white cardstock. Then I used a paper cutter to [...]

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Crafty Fridays: How to Make a Lollipop Stand

February 3, 2012
How to make a custom lollipop stand

The lollipop stands were my very, very favorite craft from my daughter’s Cat in the Hat birthday party. Probably because they required no hot glue and therefore resulted in no hot glue burns. They were inspired by a craft in Martha Stewart Weddings. (How fun is the couple who has lollipops at their wedding reception!) [...]

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