White Peach tree in bloom

Guess what time it is?! Squueeeee! I seriously thought we were going to be stuck in some &^%$#-weather Groundhog-Day loop forever. But finally a break. THE break. I’ve been busy ripping out weeds, pollinating peach blossoms by hand, ripping out more weeds, getting ready for the new gardening season. I’ve gardened with those four 4×4 […]

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Garden Fridays: The “Brown & Crispy” Edition

Black Beauty Eggplant

Please lower your head in a moment of silence for: 2 blueberry bushes [sob] 1 San Marzano tomato 1 Juliet tomato 16 green bean bushes 20+ strawberry plants [sob] 2 pots of basil And may your prayers or good thoughts be sent to the grapefruit tree, you know – the one with more grapefruit (12) […]

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Garden Fridays: Figs and a Reboot

Fresh figs, honey, and brie

It’s mid July and that means two things: it’s seventh-circle-of-hell hot and it’s time for Garden 2.0! The most wonderful things to come out of the garden this last month were the figs. No question. We got our first real crop from our small fig tree and it was fabulous. This happened more than once: […]

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Hello, Summer!


We spent the last 8 days on the funnest, most awesome vacation we’ve ever taken. Eating Mickey Mouse-shaped Ice Cream Sandwiches like it was my job (and it kinda was), princess-ing all the things, princessing them some more, and riding roller coasters. 13 family members under one large roof. And there wasn’t a single argument, […]

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