Garden Fridays: Now With Mystery Tomatoes

April 26, 2013

How are your gardens doing? That’s most of the “overage” from the spring garden: I’m still heavy 3 tomatillos, 3 cantaloupe, 3 yellow bell peppers, and 6 mystery tomatoes that could be a: Beefsteak Yellow Pear Sweet cherry red Red grape San Marzano The mystery tomatoes sprouted in the beds. And based on their locations, [...]

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Garden Fridays: Sort of.

April 19, 2013
White Peaches

I mean, it’s Friday. And I took pictures of my garden, like I do every week… But damn. What a week. Kinda makes pictures of half-grown vegetables pretty silly, huh? But that’s what we do on Fridays – I pull never-ending weeds from the strawberry bed while Landry eats the strawberries. And then I take [...]

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Garden Fridays: How to Almost Kill a Pomegranate Tree

April 5, 2013

Are you guys still shoveling snow? I lit the fireplace yesterday evening. In April. In Texas. So weird. Our garden is completely confused by the weather, too. This is our third spring with that pomegranate tree. And the fact that it’s still alive means that it’s either one hardy plant or that a higher power [...]

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Garden Fridays: Now with room for more citrus!

March 22, 2013

That was where the red plum tree stood until last weekend. I pollinated every single bloom by hand that I could reach (I think I counted ~20 baby plums already), and then we dug it up and gave it away. Because space is limited back there and we decided that we really wanted another citrus [...]

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It’s going to be 78 degrees today (!!)

March 4, 2013
Bees and Blueberries

And it will be 40 tomorrow night. Typical. But then we’ll be done with “winter” weather and it’s all dinner on the patio and backyard strawberries from here until August when the oppressive heat sets in and I wonder why the heck we stayed in Texas when we could have lived somewhere not as Seventh-Circle-of-Hell [...]

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Garden Thursday: RIP Avocado Tree

February 7, 2013
Green Bean Seedling

Last weekend, I spent a little quality time in the backyard, de”winter”izing the garden. Because it was 80+ outside and minus one more late season cold snap that I know is coming, Texas is surely finished with “winter.” But in true Texas fashion, that last cold snap will be during Spring Break. (Sorry, kids.) Our [...]

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Garden Fridays: Citrus Pre-Season

October 26, 2012
Rio Star Grapefruit

Citrus season, it’s just around the corner! Here in Texas, you can already see the first influx of grapefruits from the Rio Grande Valley… and the fruit on our back patio have the first signs of blush. This is the first year our young Rio Star has put out grapefruit. Margaritas are imminent. The Key [...]

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DIY: Crushed Red Pepper

September 3, 2012
Homemade Crushed Red Pepper

One of the biggest pains in the garden this year, besides fire ants and weeds, has been the Serrano plant. It’s a hold over from last year’s garden and the only reason it got a reprieve was because I got it mixed up with the jalapeno plant. Serrano peppers are hot. Really hot. Too hot [...]

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