Garden Fridays: I Hate Squirrels

SERIOUSLY. Do squirrels actually serve a purpose in the circle of life? Other than to eat my strawberries, destroy my tomatoes, and steal my bluberries? Those little bastards are roaches with fur and one day I’ll invent a motion-activated flame thrower to teach them a lesson. One day. How are your gardens growing? We’ll start [...]

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Garden Fridays: Now With Mystery Tomatoes

How are your gardens doing? That’s most of the “overage” from the spring garden: I’m still heavy 3 tomatillos, 3 cantaloupe, 3 yellow bell peppers, and 6 mystery tomatoes that could be a: Beefsteak Yellow Pear Sweet cherry red Red grape San Marzano The mystery tomatoes sprouted in the beds. And based on their locations, [...]

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Garden Fridays: Sort of.

White Peaches

I mean, it’s Friday. And I took pictures of my garden, like I do every week… But damn. What a week. Kinda makes pictures of half-grown vegetables pretty silly, huh? But that’s what we do on Fridays – I pull never-ending weeds from the strawberry bed while Landry eats the strawberries. And then I take [...]

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Garden Fridays: How to Almost Kill a Pomegranate Tree


Are you guys still shoveling snow? I lit the fireplace yesterday evening. In April. In Texas. So weird. Our garden is completely confused by the weather, too. This is our third spring with that pomegranate tree. And the fact that it’s still alive means that it’s either one hardy plant or that a higher power [...]

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