Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures: The “My Nerd is Showing” Edition

Goodreads The guy/gal who invented the barcode-scan feature of the Goodreads app is on my list of technological heroes, right up there with the inventors of deposit-a-check-by-phone and the electric citrus juicer. Because I can hit up my To-Read list after depositing a check from my little brother while sipping a not-from-a-bottled-mix margarita. NONE OF […]

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Guilty Pleasures: The Endless Summer Edition

Troublemaker Wine

Troublemaker Wine & Burger Blend The wine is a beautiful fruity red blend from Hope Family Wines in Paso Robles designed with a juicy, flame-kissed burger or steak in mind. And it’s one of our favorite new reds to have tried this summer. The burger is a beautiful blend of prime chuck, wagyu short rib, […]

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Guilty Pleasures: Complete with “The Slap”

All My Children | One Life to Live YOU should have stayed DEAD! [KAPOW] I have been a life-long watcher of All My Children and One Life to Live. And then ABC went and replaced them with, what – that show that was already cancelled and The Chew? The Chew. Really, ABC? But last week, […]

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Guilty Pleasures: The Wide Open Spaces Edition

DC_Album Instagram

The Dixie Chicks. She needed… wide open spaaaacessss. This month’s Texas Monthly ran with the cover “Who Killed The Dixie Chicks? And did they really have to die?” (It also has a pretty awesome looking onion ring recipe!) (Another good piece from CNN is here.) For the record, I know the answer to both of […]

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