Barbecue Chicken Pizza with Grilled Pineapple and Speck

March 24, 2010
Barbecue Chicken Pizza with Grilled Pineapple and Speck

Our favorite pizza place, Locatelli’s, is closed on Mondays. And it never fails – on Monday, we always want pizza. (It’s the same way with Chick-fil-A – every Sunday morning I wake up needing a chicken biscuit.) More than once, I’ve pulled into the parking lot at lunch on a Monday and let loose a [...]

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DIY: Homemade Frozen Pizza

February 24, 2010
DIY: Frozen Pizzas

It’s not delivery. And it’s not DiGiorno but it is frozen pizza. Frozen pizzas have their appeal – they’re a cheap way to have dinner on the table in 15 minutes. They also have severe drawbacks – the toppings aren’t fresh and a lot of times, even a single slice can be a hidden sodium [...]

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Springform Deep Dish Pizza

January 20, 2010
Deep Dish Pizza

Pizza is in heavy rotation on our weekly menu. We’re crust people – and I don’t leave a scrap of it behind. Nothing screws up a good pizza like a bad crust. We’ve gone through several pizza doughs looking for the perfect crust and we always come back to The Usual. We’ve been baking pizza [...]

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Pizza Pinwheels

January 14, 2009
Pizza Pinwheels

I like to read my cookbooks front-to-back, just like a real book – every introduction, every ingredient, and every footnote of every recipe. A couple, like both of The Pastry Queen books, I’ve read several times. I was heading into the last chapter of one of my Christmas presents, Giada’s Kitchen. It was devoted to [...]

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Wheat Pizza Crust Dough

January 8, 2009

We’re super picky about our pizza. When we’re going out for lunch or a no-leftovers dinner, we head out to the suburbs and hit up Locatelli’s. I’ll spare you the usual Shakespearean sonnet that typically follows mentioning the name of the restaurant. If you know us, you’ve heard it plenty of times before. Best pizza [...]

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Basic Pizza Crust Dough

November 18, 2007
Pizza crust

“The last cookbook you’ll ever need,” was how the professional chef-turned Baptist pastor referred to the 60th anniversary edition of The Gourmet Cookbook during the cooking demonstration of our marriage prep course. He presented his theory on what he believed to be the relationship between a happy life built around the heart of the home, [...]

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WHB: Rosemary on the menu. Again.

April 3, 2007
Asparagus Pizza with Rosemary and Goat Cheese

I just love Weekend Herb Blogging – it has inspired me to plant more than just sage and basil in my herb garden this year. I liked the idea of planting more herbs but I really wasn’t that sure what I’d do with them. That’s where WHB comes in – whether I participate or not, [...]

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Pizza – Your Way or Mine?

March 23, 2007

When it comes to marriage, 1 + 1 is supposed to = a better, shinier, happier 1. I agree ’til it comes dinner time, then 1 + 1 = 2 very different ideas: What I want to cook vs. What my husband will eat I’m not complaining – it is very fun cooking new things [...]

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