40+ Appetizers for Your New Year’s Eve Menu

December 27, 2011
40+ Appetizers for Your New Year's Eve Menu

How do you celebrate New Year’s? Growing up, we’d stay up late to watch the festivities in Times Square on TV and set off fireworks at the end of the driveway. And a couple of times, my uncle or dad even set themselves on fire. Neither got hurt… nor did they learn any lessons because [...]

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Thanksgiving Menu

November 10, 2011
Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

You know what today is, right? Only 44 shopping days left ’til Christmas! As if you weren’t stressed enough, trying to figure out where everyone and their +1 is going to sit and then realizing that with each dish broken over the last year, you moved closer and closer to hosting Thanksgiving on paper plates. [...]

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Classic Lime Margaritas

June 7, 2011
Classic Lime Margarita

When I first made the world-famous margarita cupcakes back in early 2007, we used The Foodie Groom’s recipe for margaritas, which were made with a bottled mix, and a boxed cake mix. Since then, we’ve become a little more serious about our cupcakes and our margaritas… I mean, as serious as one can get about [...]

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Cinco de Mayo Menu Ideas

April 29, 2011
Cinco de Mayo Menu Ideas

Living in southeast Texas, we’re big (huge!) on Mexican food. We don’t necessarily “celebrate” Cinco de Mayo but I usually make sure there are plenty of limes in the fruit bowl if May 5th happens to land on a Friday or Saturday night If you’re looking for ideas or recipes for your Cinco de Mayo [...]

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