Photography & Props

Photo Fridays: The $7 Target Dollar Spot Find

DIY Beer Paddle and Monogram Beer Flight Glasses

I can’t walk into Target without taking a stroll through the Dollar Spot. Usually, I’m looking for a pack of stickers, a rubber ducky, a sparkly pencil… something cheap with which to bribe The Little into riding in the cart without going full mushroom cloud mode on me. More than once, we’ve had to turn […]

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Photo Fridays: How I Set Up, Style, and Shoot

Homemade Sriracha

I’m going to walk you through how I setup, style, and take a standard shot, start-to-finish. What you’ll see below is an accurate representation of how I shoot a recipe photo – especially the missing prop – with maybe 5-7 minutes extra to account for the extra stop-and-start points. Oh – the recipe for the […]

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Photo Fridays: The Making of a Margarita

Fresh Cherry Margaritas

Having shot a number of cocktails margaritas in the last year or so, I’ve gotten the process down pretty well. Shooting the cherry margarita went a little something like this: 1 – Getting exposure set correctly, empty glass strategically placed over the barcode sticker on the poster board. 2 – Added a cocktail napkin that […]

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Photo Fridays: Light vs Dark

Fresh Cherries

Which one do you prefer? The very first choice I have to make when I set up a shot – well, right after “do I eat first or shoot first” – is: light or dark? I usually have an idea in my head of how I want the final shot to look. But before I […]

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