Photography & Props

Photo Fridays: The $7 Target Dollar Spot Find

DIY Beer Paddle and Monogram Beer Flight Glasses

I can’t walk into Target without taking a stroll through the Dollar Spot. Usually, I’m looking for a pack of stickers, a rubber ducky, a sparkly pencil… something cheap with which to bribe The Little into riding in the cart without going full mushroom cloud mode on me. More than once, we’ve had to turn [...]

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Photo Fridays: How I Set Up, Style, and Shoot

Homemade Sriracha

I’m going to walk you through how I setup, style, and take a standard shot, start-to-finish. What you’ll see below is an accurate representation of how I shoot a recipe photo – especially the missing prop – with maybe 5-7 minutes extra to account for the extra stop-and-start points. Oh – the recipe for the [...]

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Photo Fridays: The Making of a Margarita

Fresh Cherry Margaritas

Having shot a number of cocktails margaritas in the last year or so, I’ve gotten the process down pretty well. Shooting the cherry margarita went a little something like this: 1 – Getting exposure set correctly, empty glass strategically placed over the barcode sticker on the poster board. 2 – Added a cocktail napkin that [...]

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Photo Fridays: Light vs Dark

Fresh Cherries

Which one do you prefer? The very first choice I have to make when I set up a shot – well, right after “do I eat first or shoot first” – is: light or dark? I usually have an idea in my head of how I want the final shot to look. But before I [...]

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Photo Friday: DIY Milk Bottle Props

DIY Milk Bottle Photography Prop

Raise your hand if you, too, could easily go broke buying pretty things to use for food styling or as photography props for your blog? Don’t be shy. It’s an expense that can easily get out of control… and probably land me in divorce court pretty quickly. We mostly take the second-hand route, but when [...]

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Photo Friday: Refinishing A Resale Shop Find

Before & After: Refinished Cutting Board

If you’ve ever emailed/chatted to ask me where I got a specific prop, there’s a really good chance that I responded with either “Goodwill” or “garage sale.” Those are by far my top two sources for photography props and food styling accessories. They’re extremely budget-friendly and most of the pieces are well-worn and pretty unique [...]

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Photo Friday: DIY Serving/Cutting Board Props

DIY Wooden Serving Board

I had a chance to hang out at White on Rice Couple’s beautiful studio last month for a KitchenAid event. There’s a dreamy prop room. And an entire wall in their kitchen dedicated to hanging cutting boards; some old, some new, all beautiful pieces that add height, texture, and mood to a photo. And I [...]

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Photo Friday: Bouncing & Filling

Bounce and Fill - Photography

One of the very first things I learned about food photography was the “bounce & fill.” It was the first step I ever took to improve my photography (back in my point-and-shoot days). And it is the easiest and probably the most inexpensive way to do so. The concept is simple: You place a white [...]

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