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Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread and The Other Top 11 Recipes of 2012

December 27, 2012
Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread

It’s always fun to look back at the end of the year and see what recipes hit people with “I gotta make that now. Like RIGHT now.” Or at least “I’m going to Pin it and then forget about it. Like that DIY shower door miracle cleaner I never tried.” The Top 12 Most Viewed [...]

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Over-Achiever Friday: Thanksgiving Menu = 97.24% done

November 2, 2012

Show of hands. Who else spent a couple of hours yesterday sorting through browser bookmarks, magazine recipe tear-outs from years past, Pinterest, and favorite blogs to plan their Thanksgiving menus? You are not alone. My parents and I usually alternate hosting every other year but a glitch in the matrix means I get to host [...]

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Garden Fridays: What to do with all those cherry tomatoes

July 13, 2012
Lemony Orzo with Chicken and Roasted Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes coming out of your ears? Me, too. Isn’t it awesome I’ve pulled together a few of our cherry tomato greatest hits and would love to hear about yours in the comments section! 1. Quickly roast them. And then toss them with pasta, leftover chicken, and artichokes… Or penne and mozzarella. 2. Slow-roast them. [...]

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National Margarita Day. It’s like a thing.

February 22, 2012
Classic Lime Margarita

A real thing. February 22nd – today! – is National Margarita Day, declared by someone who knows someone who knows something about these things. So here’s wishing you & yours a wonderful, margarita filled day! Of course, around here, it seems like every day is Margarita Day. It mostly seems that way because it is [...]

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Chocolate + Chocolate = Love

February 10, 2012
Chocolate-Valentine's Day Series

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. I can tell because everything in every store is pink, red, and chocolate. And 4 of the 5 most viewed posts on the blog this week are indulgent chocolate desserts (the popular non-chocolate recipe is the recipe for a Blood Orange Margarita – now that’s why we get along). So if [...]

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Winter Citrus Recipes

January 11, 2012
Winter Citrus Recipes

It’s here! Winter citrus season! Our dwarf citrus trees in the backyard are dotted with dozens of key limes and a handful of pink and Meyer lemons. Our grapefruit tree is still a little young but the Rio Grande valley picks up the slack when it comes to our sizable demand. They churn out wonderful, [...]

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Thanksgiving Menu

November 10, 2011
Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

You know what today is, right? Only 44 shopping days left ’til Christmas! As if you weren’t stressed enough, trying to figure out where everyone and their +1 is going to sit and then realizing that with each dish broken over the last year, you moved closer and closer to hosting Thanksgiving on paper plates. [...]

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Tandoori Chicken Tacos

March 16, 2011
Cilantro Tandoori Chicken Tacos

After being teased with bathing suit weather and endless fresh gulf seafood at Food Blog Camp in early January, we just couldn’t go back to heavy winter foods. So for the last couple of months, we’ve been eating like it was 80 degrees outside, even if it was only 35. I’ve lost count of the [...]

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