Marathon Mondays: It Just Got Real. Real real.


You guys have given me some great advice and even better encouragement to get here, to the official start of the “$hit just got real” phase of marathon training. We are now all about the double-digits. Training week 10. Double-digit distances every other weekend from here out, including an 11-miler on Saturday. Max high of [...]

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Marathon Mondays: Weeks 4 & 5 & New Kicks & Sucky Weather

Asics Women's Gel Nimbus 15

That foot pain I had a couple weeks ago? I didn’t experience it this week. And I bet you can already guess why. New kicks! They are completely fantastic. My feet feel like I’m running on sparkly fairy- and butterfly- and tequila-filled clouds. The rest of my body? Just feels like I’m running tequila-filled. I [...]

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Marathon Mond- er, Wednesdays: Week 3


Week 3′s “big run” will go down in history: 1. My longest run ever. 2. The second-most humid run-start ever at 95% humidity. 3. That run where I limped the last 3/4 mile home in excruciating pain. In the rain. With hands so swollen (sausage fingers!) I couldn’t make a proper fist. 4. The most [...]

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Marathon Mondays: Week 2

Marathon Week 2 Big Run

I run. But I’ve never considered myself a runner. I don’t always like the act of running but I’ve never finished even a short completely-distracted 1/2 mile jog and thought, “That was a waste of my time.” It’s getting to the start of that 1/2 mile that I find to be the hard part. In [...]

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