School Night Eats: Salmon & Sweet Kale Salad

Salmon and Sweet Kale Salad

If you are what you eat, I’m a large bag of shredded broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and dried cranberries coated in a sweet & tangy poppyseed dressing. And a half-empty bottle of Sauza. Because life is all about balance. Now that school and soccer practice is back, I’m finding myself short on time and [...]

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Hatch Chile Ranch Dressing

Hatch chile ranch dressing

Hi. I made hatch chile ranch dressing. And then nearly had to cage-fight my 4-year-old for the last spoonful in the jar. This is probably where most “normals” would back up and explain a back story that makes them sound more normal and less dramatic – and definitely less violent. But I have no back [...]

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My Favorite “Salad Chicken”

My Favorite Salad Chicken: Mojo Brined Grilled Chicken Breast

Since I started training for the half marathons on my calendar later this year, I’ve been (mostly) trying(ish) to keep my nutrition in check. That just means aiming for a better balance of calories, eating 6-10 servings of veggies and fruit a day, and eating more chicken breast at lunch than I have in my [...]

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Watermelon Salad with Tequila-Lime Vinaigrette

Watermelon Salad with Tequila Lime Vinaigrette

Last week, a picture of a pumpkin cheesecake popped up in my Facebook feed and I was like no. And then I went all Tracy-Morgan-from-Cop-Out. NO. NONONONONONO. HELL. NO. It’s July. And I want no part of pumpkin creamy salted apple Thanksgiving caramel candy corn baked casserole pumpkin anything. What I do want? Sweet, figure-friendly [...]

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