Cooking to Combat Cancer: Eating (B)right

April 6, 2007

It’s no secret – Americans just don’t eat their fruits and veggies. If America was a child growing up in my parents’ house, she’d never be allowed to leave the table until every last kernel of corn was gone from her plate. And no, cutting a hole in the kitchen chair upholstery to hide brussel [...]

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Summer in the middle of winter… and a new blog find

January 21, 2007

Image not available. 38 degrees and drizzly. Yuck. That’s what I thought Friday night as I was hanging out in the kitchen (my own little world) making ravioli. I stumbled across Simply Cooking’s blog last week and found a very intriguing recipe for Avocado & Orange salad. I’ve never paired avocado and orange before but [...]

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