Brisket Breakfast Tacos

March 2, 2013
Breakfast Brisket Tacos

A couple of slices of leftover brisket? Leftover pico de gallo? Half an avocado? Eggs? Congratulations – you’ve got all the fixins necessary for a breakfast taco worthy of celebrating Texas Independence Day today! And perfectly enough, this weekend is totally Frito Pie weather here in southeast Texas. Although it’s almost never not the perfect [...]

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November 22, 2012

At the last minute, we changed our Thanksgiving plans and went home. My home. My hometown is a modest, quiet little dot on the map north of the big city. The room I had decorated in Wildcat purple & white my senior year is now a sewing room. Mom spends the days of her retirement, [...]

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Grilled Chicken Fajitas

September 23, 2012
Grilled Chicken Fajitas

Updated from the archives Pushing into October, the “why didn’t we move to Colorado when we had the chance” really kicks into overdrive. It doesn’t matter how hot it was in Texas last year, it is always hotter this year. All the pumpkin and apple recipes in the world doesn’t change the fact that I [...]

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PPQ: Ham and Cheese Kolache

August 12, 2012
Ham and Cheese Kolache

This week’s Project Pastry Queen challenge was selected by Emily of She Makes and Bakes. And it’s one of my very, very favorite recipes in the entire book: Kolache. Kolache are czech breakfast pastries that are very popular in Texas. While traditionally topped with a cream cheese or fruit mixture, it was the savory versions [...]

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The Frito Pie Burger

August 7, 2012
Jalapeno Cheddar Hamburger Buns

Aside from the Alamo and the Lone Star, there might be nothing in this world that’s more Texas than a Frito Pie Hamburger on a Jalapeno Cheddar or a Shiner Bock bun. And being from Texas, I can make such a claim We spied the Frito Pie Burger on a “fancy” burger menu on a [...]

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Summer in Texas: Texans Training Camp

August 3, 2012

I really don’t always think about food. But as I was standing there watching the d-line do some light drill work on day 2 of camp, all I could think about was frito pie and beer. At 8:45 in the morning. Shoulder pads and whistles. Conditioning drills and helmets. Fantasy football drafts and trash talking [...]

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Summer in Texas: A Celebration of Service

July 4, 2012

Growing up, I remember the sleepy Sulphur Springs town square surrounding the old courthouse as full of paved parking lots, vacant store fronts, and dusty, buckled cobblestone streets. But now, Main Street is full of shops and restaurants (even a sports bar!) and those paved parking lots have been replaced by a moving tribute to [...]

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Summer in Texas: Ice Cream & Cannonballs

May 14, 2012

  I don’t need a calendar to tell me that summer is nearly here. The days get longer, the electric bill skyrockets, we enjoy weekend lunches by the pool, evenings are capped with dinner and a beautiful sunset on the patio, and the neighborhood kids get louder with each passing day as they pile off [...]

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