Spring in Texas: Beer Fest!

Texas Beer Festival

We met up with my friend Erica and her husband downtown to celebrate all things Texas craft beer (read: to drink beer outside on a beautiful day) at Texas Beer Festival a couple of weekends ago. Dozens of craft brews, many of them from Texas – every style for every taste, from the easy-to-drink “intro” [...]

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Spring in Texas: The Kemah Boardwalk

How perfectly gorgeous is your spring weather right now? We’re right smack in the middle of a stretch of storybook-beautiful weather in southeast Texas. It’s actually like this every year. But after a short stretch of annoyingly cool weather (“winter”), you learn to really appreciate the rest of the year. Most of it, anyway. Growing [...]

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Spring in Texas: Froberg’s Strawberry Farm

How to Wash and Store Fresh Strawberries

A few weeks ago, we headed down to a local farm, Froberg’s, to pick strawberries for the second year in a row. It’s a great opportunity to let the little one run around, pick strawberries, and pull out the camera. We’re also big fans of the Jalapeno & Cheese Venison Sausage [swoon] from their smokehouse [...]

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Spring in Texas: Bluebonnets & Barbecue

Bluebonnets, Spring 2012

It’s hard not to get excited, catching that first glimpse of the blue blur as you speed passed a brand new patch of Bluebonnets next to the entrance ramp. For Texans, that blue blur means two things: 1) Spring has officially arrived in Texas and 2) We got a decent amount of rain over the [...]

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Central Texas Wildfire Raffle

Empire Red

By now, you’ve no doubt seen the images of the billowing smoke, the lines of flashing lights, and the walls of fire pushing their way through Texas these past weeks. Months-long record setting drought and a months-long record setting heat wave is a devastating combination. With tens of thousands of acres burned and an estimated [...]

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Texas Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon Ice Cream

Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon Ice Cream

I recently attended Texas Olive Harvest at Central Market, a cooking demonstration highlighting olive oils from the Texas Olive Ranch, the only olive oil producer in Texas that puts out 100% Texas-grown olive oil. We’ve been using their olive oil for a couple of months and love it. Texas has thrown its hat into the [...]

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Tour de Brisket


Barbecue is very much a regional cuisine. It looks different from the Texas Hill Country to Memphis to St. Louis to the Carolinas. In Texas, barbecue is less about the sauce and all about the meat. We’re downright crazy about brisket. It’ll take you a full day to drive across the state, yet somehow we’ve [...]

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