Hungry Girl, Moody Girl

January 18, 2007

Some friends and I discussed the Hungry Girl “Mood Foods” article several weeks ago and how it must have been mistake that queso did not make the list. After all, is there anything that turns my mood around faster than a bowl of gooey melted cheese? Maybe chocolate. And margaritas. Oh, oh, an ice cold [...]

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Lost & Found

January 10, 2007

Madeline at Everything Rachael Ray posted a gem yesterday. If you’re huge Lost fans like us, you too are probably going through Lost withdrawals. Need just one new from-the-island Lost-related tidbit? Well, here you go! A recent episode of Rachael Ray’s talk show sported a canister of cocoa powder manufactured by the Dharma Initiative. Those [...]

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I hate the smell of Mahi in the morning

January 9, 2007

Image not available. So I made sure we wouldn’t smell it this time. We don’t fry foods very often, but when we do, it smells up the entire first floor of the house. Sure, it’s fun for Jason to come home to a wife in the kitchen and a house that smells of food on [...]

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TLC: Tomato-Loving Care

January 5, 2007

Image not available. Fresh tomatoes should never be stored in the fridge. The refrigerator kills the texture of the tomato, turning its flesh mealy and grainy. Tomatoes a little tough – a little orange? You can stare at it ‘em long as you want but those tomatoes are not going to get any redder. To [...]

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The Wide World of Pepper

November 28, 2006

White, black and green peppercorns all begin as the same peppercorn on the vine. They grow in clusters similar to like grapes and are harvested in various stages of growth, thus yielding us a variety of colors. Green peppercorns, such as the Mysore from India, are picked when they are young and then dehydrated, resulting [...]

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