Spring in Texas: Froberg’s Strawberry Farm

How to Wash and Store Fresh Strawberries

A few weeks ago, we headed down to a local farm, Froberg’s, to pick strawberries for the second year in a row. It’s a great opportunity to let the little one run around, pick strawberries, and pull out the camera. We’re also big fans of the Jalapeno & Cheese Venison Sausage [swoon] from their smokehouse […]

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Spring in Texas: Bluebonnets & Barbecue

Bluebonnets, Spring 2012

It’s hard not to get excited, catching that first glimpse of the blue blur as you speed passed a brand new patch of Bluebonnets next to the entrance ramp. For Texans, that blue blur means two things: 1) Spring has officially arrived in Texas and 2) We got a decent amount of rain over the […]

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Old Friends, New Faces, and a KitchenAid Lunch

Orange County

Last week, I jetted off to Orange County for a bloggers’ luncheon hosted by White on Rice Couple and KitchenAid. I was on the ground for 23 hours. In that short time, I discussed former-Presidential-candidates/current-Texas-governors with the cashier at Trader Joe’s, hoarded PoundPlus chocolate, chatted with 39 other bloggers, ate way too much of the […]

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Photo Friday: Food Styling Workshop

Food Styling Workshop

43 hours on the ground 6.5 in the air 2 trips to Trader Joe’s 1 trip to In N Out for a cheeseburger – animal style 12 hours at Todd & Diane’s faaaaabulous studio

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