It has begun…


The beginning of the end. Our craptastic 1970’s galley kitchen is on its way out. We really did try to make it work. As you can see, we scraped off 30+ years of paint and attempted to refinish the cabinet doors. She truly was a lost cause. Repeating to myself, “The drywall dust everywhere is […]

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RIP, Dear Oven

In the two years that we’ve known each other, you’ve been one of the most consistent products that I’ve ever owned. Consistently inconsistent. How you selected which dishes that you would treat as an offered-sacrifice and which dishes that you’d allow me to present to my family and friends without shame, I may never know. […]

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On the level

Wilton Bake Even Strips

I thought I’d pass along a rave review for a new product that my mom gave me a few weeks ago: One of the tastiest parts about baking at home is eating the leftovers created from leveling a cake. Warm, moist – and who’s gonna notice a couple of spoonfuls of frosting missing from the […]

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Voodoo Kitchen

Voodoo Chef

If cooking is a game, I lost last night. And I don’t mean a close game against a good team where the last team with the ball wins – I mean an all-out trouncing by a D2 school. I swear, someone must have been sticking straight pins into a Foodie Bride-shaped Voodoo doll this evening. […]

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