My Le Creuset Crusade

 Dutch Oven

Resisting a $300 piece of cookware has been tough, especially when it comes in a bright lime/kiwi/lemongrass green that matches my favorite apron. I really don’t know that our mothers had this problem when most of us were children. A $300 pot? A $120 knife? Granted, most of these things you only buy once and [...]

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Cook like Giada & Look like Giada (sort of)

Image not available. It’s the question many women ask. She cuts, scrubs, tears, mixes, stirs, and whisks. How on earth does she do it? Regardless of the day, task, or camera angle, one thing is very clear – Giada always has a fabulous manicure. I’ve wondered for a while what she does to make her [...]

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Damage control

Image not available. I noticed something during the baking (holiday) season – the majority of recipes I made called for cream cheese. It wasn’t like I didn’t have enough, but once you start to add it up, a block here, two blocks there – good grief! I used nearly 10 pounds of cream cheese between [...]

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The Confections of a foodie bride

foodie One entry found for foodie. Main Entry: food·ie Function: noun : a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads =============== Thanks to my husband, who is totally spoiled when it comes to eating, for setting my blog site up.

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