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The Great Detox of 2015: Citrus-Roasted Green Beans

by Shawnda on January 5, 2015

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Garlic & Orange Roasted Green Beans

Drizzle, shake, bake, and eat.

To say we eat a lot of green beans around here is a pretty big understatement. I grow them in the garden because nothing makes you feel like you know what you’re doing in the garden than a dozen prolific green bean plants.

When it’s not warm enough to garden, I buy 2-3 bags frozen each week… and when fresh ones are available, I like to go that route. Because fresh green beans roast beautifully – and easily – drizzled with orange and garlic.

Make them in bulk and just reheat through the week. Assuming they last that long – straight-from-the-pan roasted green beans are pretty amazing.

Get the recipe here!



Salmon with Strawberry-Avocado Salsa

It’s a formula I turn to over and over and over again for dinner: protein + salsa. And that’s because with a generous serving of salsa on top, any slab of protein becomes endlessly riffable.

Sometimes that salsa has a fruit component, sometimes not. But it always has a spicy component because a “boring healthy dinner” seems so much less boring when your face is on fire.

True story.

If you haven’t tried the strawberry + avocado combination, here’s your chance – grab the recipe here!



Spicy Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans with Eggs

It has 15g of protein, enough carbs to kick start your day, and plants. Don’t forget the plants. Because like me, I’m sure you’ve resolved to eat more plant-things this year. So let’s go ahead and scratch the first serving of the day off of your list.

Eggs over Asparagus with Bacon

Also, the sweet potatoes help keep the murderous rage away – you know the rage. The kind that comes with the cold-turkey 180 from crap holiday eating. I know you know what I’m talking about. Jason sure does. (giggle.)

The Craft

It’s a simple formula that has yet to fail me: 2 eggs cooked your way, over something green* and sweet potatoes**.

*I buy 6+ bags of frozen veggies a week: green beans, broccoli, and peas. When asparagus is in season (read: a pound is cheaper than a gallon of gas), it’s my favorite to use at breakfast but it does require more effort than just cutting open a bag and giving the plants a 4-minute spin in the microwave.

**You can make the diced sweet potatoes in bulk on the weekends to reheat or spend ~10 minutes cooking some that morning. I also bake 6-8 sweet potatoes every weekend to eat as sides throughout the week – slicing off a few rounds, sprinkling with some salt and chili powder, and then reheating in the microwave can save you time.

You can get the recipe for the potatoes here. Happy Clean(er) Eating!